January 15, 2014

Ale and Cheddar Soup

Now that we all survived the 'polar vortex' and are in the heart of winter the idea of soup is really appealing! As an avid Pinterest user, more often than not I pin something but never get around to actually doing it.  This past fall, with the weather turning colder I was in the mood to make soup for dinner.  I mean I love soup!  I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to it.  So at the end of my work day I went online to find what recipe I wanted to make, made a grocery list and hit the store on the way home.

From Closet Cooking Blog Post
So what did I end up making?  Ale and Cheddar soup of course!  Beer and cheese...how can you go wrong?  This was the perfect choice since I knew we had some beer in the fridge that no one wanted to drink.

Not only was the soup delicious it was a GREAT way to use up some gross beer we didn't really want to drink...we are talking to you Natty Boh Ice!

Lesson Learned: Gross beer is undrinkable but great to cook with!


"You can make this soup whenever you wish!"

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