July 22, 2014

We made it!!! - Colorado...I'm Thirsty!

These past few days in Colorado have been amazing!  I have hung with my awesome friend Summer from North Carolina, now in Colorado, hiked, drank, toured...awesome!  My husband and I keep saying if we weren't such east coast people, this would be an area we would consider.

Our trip started on Friday with a flight from Vegas to Denver (We were in Vegas last week for a conference I was attending).  When Summer picked us up she has chilled Coors in a cooler and we were headed to Golden, Colorado, about 45 minutes away.  She wanted to get there before 4pm when the free tour stopped accepting people.

We got there in plenty of time to the super cute town of Golden.  Coors definitely has its influence on the town but in general it can hold it's own with many smaller craft breweries popping up.  We were told when we entered the parking lot that we would have to wait about an hour and 45 minutes for the tour shuttle but we didn't mind, we were here and we were game.

Downtown Golden, CO.
Summer and I went across the street to a liquor store to score a single a Coors, which we did, but when we got back to the tour waiting area with our brown bags (we're so cool) there were signed that said no drinking with a fine of $150.  So we left hubby in the waiting line while we went to her car to down some beer and catch up.  We got back in line with hubby about 20 minutes later to start the tour.

Now understand that neither hubby nor I are Coors fans.  Well it's not that we aren't fans it's just not the beer we would choose.  Maybe it's an east coast thing but I never knew anyone that drank Coors. My family, if they had a beer at all, were Bud people or more likely Labatt people.  A top three brewery...meh.  But a free brewery tour...great way to start our Colorado vacay!

What a great tour they give!  We were shuttled a short distance to the facility that is 5 miles long!  I loved that everyone got a 'phone' looking device where you can press a number that gives you a self guided tour as you roam the halls.  Very informational and we loved the history!

Tanks, tanks and more tanks, inside the Coors Tour

I didn't know Coors did no many beers!

Half way through we received a small sample of beer and continued to learn more about the science and packaging of the beer.  It was really well done and very fun to learn about.  As I said earlier, we never choose Coors but I would now!  It was so refreshing and you always feel you have a connection after touring a brewery.

A couple fun facts I learned on the tour:
  1. The founder of Coors also invented the two piece beer can and didn't patent it because it wanted it to become the standard - you would never see that now a days.
  2. Silver bullet, as it came to be known, is because one of the daughters in the Coors family went to college and that is what her friends were calling it so she told her father and they made that a marketing campaign.
  3. I had no idea Coors made or bought out or made so many different beers like Blue Moon and Leinenkuglel's and Killians.
At the end of the tour you get to the tasting room.  You get to have three samples but let me tell you these are not samples!  You get about three pretty big beers, like 8oz!  The tasting room is super cute and you can tell it's a Friday because a lot of college age kids are here for the free beer I am assuming.  The other thing I like about the tour is there were flowers EVERYWHERE!  Very pretty.

Love the flowers EVERYWHERE...including here in the tasting room.

"Three free 8oz pours!"