April 7, 2014

Homebrew Review

Before I begin I want to stress how much we LOVE Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore.  We've lived here about a year and a half and it's been our favorite Baltimore area craft brewery by far.

It's National Beer Day so of course we had to celebrate (any reason to have a beer really).  This weekend my husband was excited to get a single can of Balt Altbier from Union at Grand Cru Baltimore.  We aren't opposed to having a full pack of this awesome beer but we have so much beer in the house right now a single was probably best.

What he really wanted to do was compare the Balt Alt to his homebrew clone we fondly call Alt-imore.
Union's Balt Alt vs. Homebrew Alt-imore.  Can you tell which is which?
So he poured both into a glass and gave them both to me to try to see if I could tell the difference.  I tasted them both and I thought the one in the Natty Boh glass was his homebrew.  You might be able to tell from the photo, it's a little lighter in color and tasted really good but a bit waterier then the other, which isn't uncommon in his homebrew.  The one in the Utz glass I thought was Union's because it had a fuller, richer taste.  Well I was completely wrong!  The fuller beer was his homebrew and the other was Union's.

He is so proud of this beer, and rightfully so!  He even entered it into the Barley Legal 4 Homebrew competition and came in 2nd place for his category.

Wow...what a way to celebrate National Beer Day!



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