February 12, 2014

Oh Canada! Genius!

I love the Olympics!  Although I do prefer the summer Olympics to the winter.  I don't know what it is about this Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.  Is it the abundance of social media that puts a new twist and interactivity to it?  Is it the time difference and media presence that spoils all the fun in prime time?  Is it the lack of our 'go to' athlete that always comes through?

What has been a very positive uptick to this Olympics is the heart felt stories emerging around the Olympics.  We have social media to thank for catching these moments and bringing them to light.

While this isn't the most heart felt, touching story I've read, it did give me a chuckle at all the genius that surrounds it.

  1. I love that they drink beer in the athletes village!
  2. I love that they make it so only Canadian passports open the beer fridge!
  3. I love that if an Canadian 'outsider' wants a Molson, they need to make friends with a Canadian!

taken from the @Molson_Canadian Twitter

"What, no Labatt Blue Fridge?"

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